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Age. 34
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Vietnamese
Location Japan (for now),
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Last post from japan
Sunday, June 26, 2005
i miss japan. i dont want to leave. i want to stay here forever, or for a long time and find me a nice japanese boy, because they are the cutest nicest people. i love them. though the guys that ive met may be straight, i still love their...whatever, just things. i dont want to leave. today i went to the river, it was sooo fun. i stripped down to my swimming shorts, and played with some dudes, and little girls nearby. it was fun, we wrestled and played watermelon smash thing, like a pinata but only watermelon, with bamboo sticks. i went 3rd and split the watermelon...whoohoo. but my teachers husband was shooting my belly button with a squirt gun, he chased me around doing that...i was like uhhh. then he took pictures of my tummy and the other japanese kid that we were playing with. that was a little strange, but hey, at least someone is enjoying it. sure... then i bought pikachu! whoohoo! i went home, and my host family was waiting and stuff, throwing me a good-bye party of their own. awww. it was sooo sweet. i ate sushi and got fat. then they gave me gifts. i felt so touched. we had such a nice time just sitting there talking and eating. i dont want to leave at all. this is gonna suck soo much. i dont want to go back to america and see people that will make me upset. sadly i do want to see these people i speak of. well i leave tomorrow. so this is the last post in japan. dont know if you will hear of anymore interesting stories in japan.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005
oh man, kyoto was the breast. so we spent some time on the train. it was awesome, though it was packed. then we got to nara. there were sooo many deers in nara. we pet them and stuff, fed them rice cakes, then they started to swarm around us. one of them bit me. i was like dude i have no more rice cakes. and i said it in jaanese too...

then we went to kyoto, checked in and went shopping. that was fun. however karaoke with izumi is the breast. we sang, of course with the rest of the gang too. however the remote was not working, so i was using the master control, i learned the buttons, and learned how to get in next, instead of waiting in line. that was fun. hahaha. we got to sing and drink like crazy, all for 970 yens. wow. i love that city.

then in the morning we went to gingakuji, the golden temple. on the way there, helm-san fell asleep on the bus, while we were getting off and talking to school girls. we took pictures with them, but helm was not there. he was still sleeping. so suzuki had to follow him with taxi. however all ended up well.

we then went to tofukuji. it was awesome there. the monks were soooo generous. they fed me until i couldnt eat anymore. the food was soooo delicious, and no meat too. however it was a guest meal, they do not usually eat like that. sadly. then they paid for our taxis, all three of them, from the temple to the station.

after that, i led a couple of people by bus back to the shopping strip. it was soo scurry because we only had 2 hours to go and make it back, so that we wouldnt miss our train. we made it however, yokatta. then we rode on the shinkansen, the bullet train thinger. i fell asleep on it.

kyoto is soo fun. the trip and the friends. i love japan. i dont really want to leave it.

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Movie in Japan
Saturday, June 18, 2005
wow last yesterday was really interesting. so first i was sleeping right, then i got a phone call from a friend that was like lets go to the movie theaters. so i went out and stuff. we watched a movie. let me remind you that i am still in japan. and the movie was all in japanese without any subtitles at all , that was harsh. however, we did watch the movie, though for me i was lost a couple of times. but in the end i figured out what happened. i understood what was going on and stuff. that made me feel good. the people that i was with was really cool too.

i like going to the movies in japan. it was fun. lets do that somemore.

oh yeah, we what 1549, which is this movie about the present day japanese soldiers, getting trapped in the past, trying to fend off the samurai. it was very interesting. i recommend it.

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How does writing a story sound?
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
so i was walking around hamamatsu downtown today with jed. he is soo funny. he cracks me up all the time. though some of the things he tells me makes me wanna puke, but it also cracks me up a whole bunch. however, just to say, i managed to ride my bike while holding an umbrella the whole time. oh my god that was sooo cool. i jinxed me stinkin self, so now its raining. hence my unwantingness to get out of bed this morning. i was almost really late for school. i didnt even have time to do my hair! i just slapped on some gel and hoped to buddha that it works.

so kyoto is next week. cant wait to go. however, as kyoto passes i will only have one week left. i really dont want to go back to america. if my friends hear me say this, they would get angry. but america is full of crap that i dont want to put myself up against anymore. there is really nothing left in america for me. my friends and family will always be with me no matter where i go. i want to teach in japan for a year. so i will apply for a JET program grant thing. if that works, i wont be in america. japanese life seems so suiting for me. people really do take an interest in you and are really nice, when they talk to you. you will know that people dont want your company.

however, so back to jed. so he suggested that i create a story. ive always written stories. its just that i never had the persistency to finish it. ive written plenty. so these blogger thingies will really help out. by the way, is my host mom singing DDR butterfly along with the music? oh i love them sooo much.

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Little Elementary Japanese ME
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

today was awesome, and by awesome i mean totally cool. wow, it was great. i got to be a japanese elementary kid, not that i should boast about that, but it was an amazing experience. the kids were incredible.

first we played telephone in japanese. of course me the not-speak-japanese-well kid screwed it up for the team. i ended up making something up in the end because the kid in front of me wouldnt repeat himself. hahaha. i was like come on repeat, he was like nope. so i made something up that was completely wrong. they were like darn. then i got to draw with them by playing a silent game. aww i want to play again.

then i went to art class, the teacher gave me a piece of cardboard some, watered clay, and some wood flats. i sat there thinking. the kids from that class gathered around me, asking what am i making. i was like...uh dont know. so then as i was thinking, one kid brought me glue. then another gave me a piece of cloth for my craft. then another gave me some wires. then they just kept coming more and more giving me stuff. that was amazing. i miss those kids already. remind me of my siblings. awww...then i ate lunch with them.

japanese school is soo different from american ones. the kids themselves ate in the classroom, which the kids themselves act as lunch servers. wow, they gave me food. kept trying to give me lots of stuff, asking me questions. i was like aww. you are sooo cute. then i played dodgeball. damn, those kids were good. one kid got me out like a lot. i just sat in prison for the longest time. then i had to swat because i lost. hahaha

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Happy Days
Monday, June 13, 2005
tokyo was amazing. yet i cant find words to describe it. you just have to be there to imagine it. anyhooha, i got to tokyo and found out that i left the number of my friend at home...that sucked. but i met up with other people anyway. we went around town and stuff. tokyo tower was interesting, but its just a big tower ;). really high though...im afraid of height.

but other than that. today i had class again...ahhh. but i managed to finish my paper in japanese though. whoohoo. anyway tomorrow will be an interesting day...i get to be a japanese elementary student, with other elementary japanese kids. im so gonna enjoy it.

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